Differences Between OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, & IKEv2

With Edward Snowden’s surprising discoveries that the NSA has for years been working to split as well as suppress VPN encryption modern technologies, along with the fact that it is coming to be significantly evident that many such innovations have been established and approved by the US federal government’s National Institute of Standards and also Technology (NIST) and also could conse...[Read More]

Om Darknet

Om Darknet The term was originally coined in the 1970s to designate networks which were isolated from ARPANET (which evolved into the Internet) for security purposes. Some darknets were able to receive data from ARPANET but had addresses which didn’t appear in the network lists and would not answer pings or other inquiries. The root of the name is believed to be related to the term black box, whic...[Read More]

According to Anonymous: VPNBook Is A BIG FAT Honeypot

Hactivist group Anonymous have actually implicated the complimentary VPN service VPNBook of turning over logs connecting to Anonymous member’s activities to the authorities. Naturally, if the allegation is not real (or it does not fret you), then all these functions available free of charge might make VPNBook worth taking a look at … VPNBook states the service is supported through mark...[Read More]

How To Turn A DD-WRT Router Into A Repeater

If you have an old DD-DRT router did you know that you can link all your net allowed household or office gadgets through a solitary VPN connection? DD-WRT routers are excellent for this, however as we found when examining the budget Linksys N300, the moderate processors found in low price routers could battle with the needs of managing VPN, leading to slow-moving link speeds. This is a lot less of...[Read More]

Support for NSA’s PRISM Is Decreasing in the USA

A new and comprehensive poll by revered United States think-tank organization Bench Research was launched over the weekend, which shows that public opinion is shifting greatly away from support for the form of hefty handed safety and security and blanket monitoring steps used by the USA National Safety and security Company, that were revealed by whistleblower Edward Snowden. For the very first tim...[Read More]

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