Best VPNs To Use In Australia - 2016 List

Uncensor the internet in Australia with these providers

Australia as a continent/country is geographically isolated from the rest of the World as it is surrounded by the Indian and pacific oceans, it is sometimes dubbed the ‘island continent’. As if the isolation wasn’t bad enough, in 2015 data retention law was approved by the Australian government which mandates all telecoms companies in the region to keep records of users’ metadata for two years. This move according to the government is as a result of issues of national security, this has crippled the internet privacy enjoyed by users in the past. Using a VPN is now needed in this region to curtail the privacy invasion and users in this region can afford to use VPNs without fear of breaking the law as the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull addressed the use of VPN services. When asked about the use of VPN services to access online streaming channels, he said: “The Copyright Act does not make it illegal to use a VPN to access overseas content. While content providers often have in place international commercial arrangements to protect copyright in different countries or regions, which can result in ‘geoblocking’, circumventing this is not illegal under the Copyright Act.”

Using VPNs in Australia becomes essential as you stand to gain the following:

AVOID THE CENSORSHIP LAW: With VPNs Australians can evade something called the ‘Refused Classification’ which includes things like internet censorship filtering. This had led to a lot of popular websites being blocked, but using a VPN provides you a completely secure and safe access to all these blocked sites at a considerably higher speed with full privacy and anonymity.

DISTANCE YOURSELF FROM THE HAZARDS OF CYBERCRIME: Millions of Australians are being hit by cybercrimes with recent findings by the World Bank showing that Aussies have lost about $1.06Billion to fraudulent online acts in 2015. Now Aussies won’t have to border about that as using a VPN service provider ensures that they surf the internet with a high level security as well as anonymously to prevent them from being hacked.

EVADE THE DATA RETENTION LAW: The data retention law mandate internet service providers to keep record of every users’ activity on the internet, this law violates individuals privacy as everything you do online would be known by your ISP. To avoid data monitoring, Australians can use a VPN service provider which will help encrypt your data flow through a very secure channel and ensure complete privacy on the internet.

GEO-RESTRICTION: Many Australians love overseas contents but due to geo-restriction, numerous contents from the US, UK and Canada have been blocked, using a VPN provides access to every available overseas contents with a great deal of privacy.

ACCESS TO TORRENTS: the censorship law has barricaded all torrenting and peer-to-peer file sharing websites from their users. Using a VPN bypasses all the restrictions and allows users to continue enjoying downloads and upload with lightning fast speeds.

Here is our ‘Best Of’ List of VPNs To Use In Australia

#1 – VyprVPN


  • No logs
  • Based in Romania
  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • Shared IPs
  • Multiple simultaneous connections only allowed on most expensive plan
  • Speed cap

#2 – IPVanish VPN

One of the more reliable providers is IPVanish. With servers in over 18 countries they have any locations you could need. They also own their server network which is an advantage over other providers that lease their IPs.


  • No logs
  • Based in Romania
  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • Shared IPs
  • Multiple simultaneous connections only allowed on most expensive plan
  • Speed cap

#3 – SurfEasy


SurfEasy is a great Canadian firm, with intentions of bringing personal privacy and also safety to the masses, so it’s not a surprise that it offers a totally free service together with its regular strategies. All of its plans come with a monstrous five simultaneous links, sport easy-to-use clients and also provide great speeds.

Its totally free VPN plan is equally as great as its typical plan, but does come with a data restriction of 500MB (which can be raised to 1.5 GB with a few activities), which is just helpful for occasional/normal consumption. In order to be able to supply the safety that it does, no P2P is permitted.

If you’re searching for something different, it likewise supplies a Private Browser USB item, which features an initial charge but stands for a lifetime.

  • Great speeds
  • Five simultaneous connections
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Phone support
  • No P2P
  • Download cap

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